Even for LeBron James, 'Being black in America is … it's tough'

You can be LeBron James. You can be an all-time great at your profession, and a man idolized by millions. You can be a role model and a gentlemen and a champion and a millionaire many, many times over. But you’re still a black man in America, and that can be tough. This was illustrated to grotesque effect on Wednesday. A day before James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were set to take on the Golden…

"Even for LeBron James, 'Being black in America is … it's tough'"

Google's cool new art search helps even couch potatoes get cultured

Now you can easily explore the world’s best museums from your couch.  Google launched a new experience for searching art work from museums, the company announced Wednesday in a blog post.  “Starting today, when you search for art-related things, you’ll have access to more relevant results and the ability to dive deeper into topics of interest,” wrote Google, which says it gets 500 million art-related searches each month.  SEE ALSO: We’re not saying you’re obsolete,…

"Google's cool new art search helps even couch potatoes get cultured"

Uber’s head of finance is leaving

 Uber’s head of finance, Gautam Gupta, is leaving the company in July, the Wall Street Journal reports. Gupta’s plan is to join another San Francisco-based startup, but it’s not clear what that startup is. News of his impending departure comes as Uber has reported losses of $708 million. In Q1, Uber’s revenue was $3.4 billion, an 18% increase from its last quarter.… Read More

"Uber’s head of finance is leaving"

How should startups work with city governments?

 If you want to re-imagine cities, you’ll likely work with city government. Sometimes this means city governments will your customer, but far more often founders will encounter an unfamiliar relationship that includes policy, regulations and enforcement. There are great resources to guide founders through all aspects of customer discovery, but there aren’t yet great frameworks… Read More

"How should startups work with city governments?"

Cadillac tech 'talks' to traffic lights so you don’t run them

Cadillac’s cars are getting even chattier.  Now they can “talk” to traffic lights to let drivers know when the light is going to turn red, a feature meant to cut down on dangerous last-minute decisions. Cadillac announced this week that it successfully tested the technology, called vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.  The V2I test comes after the luxury automaker rolled out a feature to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication back in March, which made its 2017 CTS sedan…

"Cadillac tech 'talks' to traffic lights so you don’t run them"

6 innovations that help artists control their environment

Art and technology have a lot in common.    Both have a way of pushing boundaries, of helping us look at the world in new ways, and of generating the Next Big Thing.    Artists and creators alike – whether that means sculptors, animators, museum curators, illustrators, and everyone in between – are constantly looking to new technologies as a way to keep pushing beyond what’s been done before. But this level of innovation requires…

"6 innovations that help artists control their environment"

Amazon begins offering refunds for unauthorized in-app purchases

 Were you one of the many parents surprised to find hundreds of dollars’ worth of Smurfberries charged to your card a few years back? Amazon’s lax in-app purchasing requirements let kids all over the country buy coins and crystals to their hearts’ content, something the FTC frowned on. News that refunds would be available soon broke in April, and the time has come at last. Read More

"Amazon begins offering refunds for unauthorized in-app purchases"