TV Character Analysis: Debra Morgan (Dexter – 2006)

Debra Morgan, played by actress Jennifer Carpenter, is Dexter Morgan’s sister on the hit Showtime series Dexter. She has pretty much been the leading lady since the series started in 2006. Working for Miami Metro Police Department, she starts off the series as a normal “badge” (cop) just doing whatever she can to try and move up the ranks.

In season 1, episode 1 we see Debra for the first time at a crime scene that Dexter is called to involving a prostitute that has been chopped into multiple pieces. She is dressed as a prostitute herself but only because she has been working undercover. With one of the foulest mouths you have ever heard on a young lady, Debra could make any parent instantly change the TV channel. She is very brash and to the point. This is what so many people love about her character.

Later in Season 1, she was seduced by the season’s main villain/serial killer called the “Ice Truck Killer”, obviously not knowing at the time he is a serial killer. She was taken and almost killed by him only to be saved by her brother Dexter in the next to last episode of season 1. This event leaves her traumatized and uneasy around men for a long time after. She eventually finds love here and there but from that day on, she has put her job before everything but her immediate family.

She is later placed in the homicide division of Miami Metro with Dexter and the rest of the cast. After events that ended season 2, she is given her shield and promoted to detective. She has been through a lot but thanks to her brother Dexter, she has always had someone to talk to and to guide her.

Currently in season 5, episode 5, Debra is still the best detective in Miami Metro’s homicide division and she lives in Dexter’s old apartment with Dexter and his son Harrison. Even though it has gotten on her nerves sometimes, I think she really enjoys having them living with her. Dexter has always been there for her so having this opportunity to pay it back in a way really makes her happy.

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