Chris Rock Opens Up About Infidelity in New Netflix Special: ‘I Was Not a Good Husband’


More than a year ago, we learned that Chris Rock had secured a $40 million deal with Netflix to record two new stand-up specials. On Valentine’s Day, the comedian dropped the first one Beyoncé-style.

With barely any notice, Chris Rock: Tamborine appeared on Netflix early Wednesday morning. The special, taped last November at BAM in Brooklyn—almost exactly a year after he joined Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live to give his reaction to Trump’s 2016 victory—is Rock’s first since 2008’s Kill the Messenger.

A decade later, the 53-year-old comedian is slightly more subdued than he was in the pre-Obama era, but no less in command of his stand-up game. Directed by the comedian Bo Burnham, Tamborine opens on the back of Rock’s head as he hangs out backstage with friends; moments later, he’s on stage and ready to preach.

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